Keswick | A Weekend Away

December 14, 2019
The dashboard (that seems an old fashioned term?) of the current motorcycle has two choices for display on the left: the temperature of the air, or the temperature of the bike itself, both of which seem polar opposites just now. Fire and ice. Clear blue and not a breath, and selecting the latter to display, a bike and I headed out of Ulverston boun...
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2020 Lakeland Calendar | Friends of the Lake District

December 05, 2019
Two walks with a camera a few months apart, and a chance to enter a photography competition for the conservation charity Friends of the Lake District. Curious Herdwicks in Langdale, and summer clouds over Wasdale: Locations for both and their aspect: Thank you very much to the Friends of the Lake District from myself and all fellow photog...
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Sunday | Ulverston | Dickensian Festival

November 24, 2019
Had been a slow start to the day, and well after the hour of 10 before the kettle was first boiled. Stood bleary-eyed and fully slippered, peering out from the glow of my little lounge at a typical Cumbrian November day that was fully installed. With everything damp and bathed in fine particles of mizzle, the ubiquitous grey was all consuming. Hav...
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Sunday | Annie's Tree

November 03, 2019
The phrase 'sunshine and showers' is fairly typically heard in England, indeed, we may have weeks of it, with the balance see-sawing hither and thither as skies darken then return to blue. Drenching and rainbows are both a certainty. Sunday saw more blue than grey, with the morning spent on a bicycle, meandering with no real goal other than fresh a...
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Ulverston Carnival

July 01, 2017
The first of Ulverston's many festivals that I'd attended with a camera, having lived in the area for some time. What a travesty. Had stood and watched the crowds gather and the balloons being handed to children, as faces were painted and seagulls wafted overhead, chattering to each other. Settled in Queen Street, by the town square and just outsid...
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